Book a speaker for your next event!!!   Recently updated !

Your speaker, Bill George Bill George is an enthusiastic authority on the history, culture and cuisine of California and the West. He lives and works in the Mother Lode in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a region of the world that amazes you with natural beauty. Combine that with […]


David Byrd Award of Meritorious Performance   Recently updated !

Another Award for our commitment to California history! We are proud to have won the “David Byrd Award of Meritorious Performance” from the California Council for the Promotion of History for outstanding contributions through documentary films. Bill George has presented his films to dozens of school, library, civic and cultural […]

On E Clampus Vitus

The “Clampers” started durng the Gold Rush. You can see their pranks everywhere! They wear red long-john shirts and call their leader the Noble Grand Humbug. They wear badges made from tin, and their motto is “Credo Quia Absurdum,” which means “I believe it because it is absurd.” But the […]

The Subject Was Roses

The journalistic puns are already being employed; it’s a “thorny subject,” a “prickly issue,” etc. (I prefer “the subject was roses”) but the controversy over removing roses from Sacramento’s historic cemetery raises some serious issues. Here is a recent Sac Bee story: The recent designation of the Gold Rush-era graveyard […]