What people are saying

“We had double our normal turnout, and people loved it. Bill George answered question for more than half an hour after the show.” Placer County Museums.

“Our theatre was completely sold out, and we had to book another presentation. Thankfully Bill George stayed an extra two hours and everyone was able to see his program.” Sun City, Lincoln Hills.

“I was fascinated by what I learned about our area’s history.”- Sacramento Friends of the Library.

“Our Board loved the evening. It really made a lasting and favorable impression on them, and was a great change of pace from our normal meeting.” State Street Theatre, Auburn California.

“Bill’s presentation focused on the business aspects of this heroic venture. He explained how Sacramento businessmen made it happen. It was fascinating and an inspirational success story.” Roseville Rotary.

“Bill’s show was very well received by the audience, and his humor and insight brought the building of the railroad to life.” Sacramento Railroad Museum.

“The fourth grade students loved it. We were studying California history, and his presentation brought history alive for the kids.” St. John Vianney elementary school, Rancho Cordova.

“We usually show entertainment films on our film night, but Bill’s film and talk were very well received by our vacationers.” Serene Lakes (Soda Springs) Homeowners Association.